About us

Gauge Enterprises, LLC is a privately held passion driven consulting firm located in the beautiful region of New England, small-town USA Connecticut. We are a company that designs and develops custom programs for manufacturing companies of all sizes. Gauge Enterprises, LLC focuses on creating and maintaining relationships, allowing for deep and long standing business agreements to be put in place. We specialize in understanding individual and specific customer needs and strive to create as much value for your organization as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Whether it be managing one of your company’s most valuable assets, your scrap metal, or creating a custom plan to keep other material you generate out of the landfill, Gauge Enterprises, LLC is your one stop shop. The Gauge Team also has a unique ability to work with aerospace and defense manufacturing companies, and can be looked upon as a key player in your company’s business development. Gauge Enterprises, LLC can also be called upon as your go-to for any of real estate needs; looking to expand, relocate, move your company headquarters or simply lease or buy a property ~ we can help!

Let us help you reshape the vision for your organizations future. 

Meghan Wininger, the founder and President of Gauge Enterprises, LLC has been in the manufacturing industry for just about 14 years now. Growing up in manufacturing, Meghan proudly acknowledges the industry has helped to shape who she is today. 

Meghan graduated in 1999 from Sheehan High School, and went on to study Business and Law as well as the Social Sciences at Providence College. After graduating from PC in 2003, Meghan continued to study Business in the Graduate Program at Quinnipiac University. While still studying at QU, Meghan was given an amazing and quite surprising offer to work with a family owned and operated industrial scrap metal recycling company. And while Meghan knew next to nothing about scrap metal she accepted the offer, and the challenge. 13 years later Meghan has worked with manufacturing companies of all sizes, she has traveled all over the country and she has formed lasting relationships along the way, as many of her customers have been with her for a decade or more. And then one day Meghan made a decision, it was time to begin the next chapter; and in 2018 she did just that. While Meghan is still working in the manufacturing industry, she now has the ability to offer far more to her customers. Gauge Enterprises, LLC is your one stop shop, offering a dynamic portfolio of services that all manufacturers need. But more, this new journey has allowed for Meghan to create a legacy for her son Gauge, which is more important to her than anything.