Aerospace Consulting

With an extensive North American network in the manufacturing industry, Gauge Enterprises, LLC has the ability to assist customers in seeking out and developing opportunities for strategic growth. We have worked with many of the Tier I/II suppliers, offering a unique perspective on the industry. We are dedicated to exploring possible synergies with new customers, and work very closely with current customers to generate new business collaborations. Our Team works hand-in-hand with yours; from crafting a solid and strong proposal strategy, to follow up once a quote has been submitted, to negotiation and integration of new contracts. The Gauge Team becomes an extension of you.

We pride ourselves on creating strong and positive relationships with folks on all levels of your organization; from engineering and manufacturing, to supply chain and purchasing, sales and product support. We work with your team to monitor production and scheduling, ensuring we meet ever increasing customer demands and needs. And we happily offer customer support to ensure the client is engaged productively with our customer, allowing for simple and easy resolution of potential issues. Our team also takes on the day-to-day interfacing with current clients, attends meetings with both new and existing clients and we are forever focused on improving all areas of our customer's business.

The industry is seeing a major transformation, marked by rapidly increasing production rates. This explosive growth has highlighted the importance of supply chain capabilities, for both OEM's as well as their Tier I/II Suppliers. If you are looking ensure your organization is setup to deliver on your company's strategy, whether that be to rapidly capture cost savings or to unlock your growth…from supply chain to procurement, the Gauge Team is ready to assist. We deliver results! 

Gauge's Team of dedicated experts can help you and your team; as we work together to seize new opportunities, achieve a higher level of performance and tackle enterprise goals.​​​​​​


Program Highlights 

  • Aerospace & Defense Sector 
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • Military Aircraft 
  • Helicopters 
  • Space Systems 
  • Submarines 
  • Engines & Components 
  • Deep Industry Understanding 
  • Discover and Explore Opportunities for Strategic Growth 
  • Negotiate Business Agreements
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Contract Integration
  • Contract Management 
  • Work with Teams on Both Sides 
  • Engineering, Programming, Tooling and Fixture Design, Setup, Production
  • Product Perfection, Quality 
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Industry Competitive Pricing 

Consulting Testimonial 

“After taking over my families manufacturing company about a decade ago, I found myself gravitating toward women in the industry. I have known Meghan for aboout eight years; I have been working with her about that long as well. To describe Meghan is simple. Friendly, genuinely friendly. Light up a room, energetic. No nonsense, hard-hitting and hard working woman. Someone I have always respcted and admired. Meghan has assisted our team with building out our supply chain. As our business grew, we needed to find great organizations to partner with. The introductions Meghan made, the relationships she has curated for us; these have become some of our most long standing and mutually beneficial pieces of our portfolio.”